Trouble in the Philippines with 4/11.
Have you heard of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ? (she is called 4/11 by peace activist that want to expose her corrupt presidency). Well she's the President of the Philippines and as far as I know, she is more corrupt than President Marcos was.
Marcos was overthrown by People Power back in the 80's and now that the Philippines is in trouble again with 4/11's evil ways, there is not much that can be done about it. The Aussie media had a big part in exposing Marco's evil regime but now Australia is too busy with a useless and evil war on Iraq to even bother to help the Philippine people to get ride of 4/11. Peace activists world wide are more occupied trying to get rid of George Bush.

Archbishop OSCAR V. CRUZ of the Philippines said on 22 March 2007 that his country is under not only the worse but still worsening governance of the present administration of 4/11. There have been many extrajudicial killings and merciless and suspected murderers. The deaths are counted and the counting does not stop.
So in other words what the Archbishop is saying , if you speak up against the administration then you can expect a bullet in the head.


PM John Howard still refuses to support the Kyoto Protocol.

PM Howard said he would ignore the stark warnings of acclaimed climate change expert Sir Nicholas Stern of the UK, refusing to commit to a 30 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions in Australia over the next 13 years.

Sir Nicholas' warns that to do nothing could see temperatures rise by five degrees Celsius by next century, creating a climatic catastrophe not seen since the last ice age. Under this scenario, Australians could face longer and more severe drought, deadly floods, extinction of animal species and the elimination of natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef.

PM Howard said "To cut Australia's greenhouse gas emissions would cost thousands of jobs in the Australian coal industry and that it would have a devastating effect on the Australian economy."

So Howard is still ignoring the stark warnings of experts and scientists !!